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*They both digivolve into Angel Digimon.
*In His Master's Voice, they are in the tree together watching the kids go to school.
*Their DigiEggs were next to each other in the cave.
*They're the Digimon with the special attributes of Hope and Light.


01: Prophecy

"You don’t understand, you can never outrun him. We have to destroy him." -Gatomon
"You can count on me." -Patamon

“I got a plan like I said. Come on, Patamon, let’s fly.” -Gatomon
“Mmm-hmm.” -Patamon

“This won’t be easy.” -Angemon
“Nobody ever said it would be, Angemon.” -Angewomon

“One miracle...” -Angemon
“Coming up!” -Angewomon

01: The Crest of Light

“I’ll skip on the odor exhibit.” -Gatomon
“Too late for that.” -Patamon

01: The Fate of Two Worlds

“What is it?” -Gatomon
“Look, it hatched!” -Elecmon
“It’s so cute!” -Patamon

02: Iron Vegiemon

“Those guys didn’t even notice these rings are plastic.” -Patamon
“Don’t start feeling too frisky yet. Those first set of guards were just flunkies. We haven’t even faced the pick of the litter!” -Gatomon

02: The Captive Digimon

“He’s tough!” -Gatomon
“I’ll say!” -Patamon

“He’s trying to break the Golden Noose!” -Pegasusmon
“Watch it!” -Nefertimon

02: His Master's Voice

“Come on, let’s go raid the cafeteria!” -Gatomon
“Hey, wait for me!” -Patamon

“TK, wait for us!” -Patamon
“Yeah, TK, let us be your Advance-mon! You’re a lover, not a fighter!” -Gatomon

02: The Crest of Kindness

“The heat is on, guys!” -Gatomon
“Hmmm.” -Patamon

02: Davis Cries Wolfmon

“Kari’s such a graceful dancer.” -Patamon
“She should be. I taught her everything I know.” -Gatomon
“Teach me!” -Patamon
“Okay!” -Gatomon

“Two points!” -Patamon
“Yeah!” -Gatomon

02: Spirit Needle

“He’s too strong!” -Pegasusmon
“Look for his dark ring and destroy it!” -Nefertimon

02: United We Stand

“He’d be kitty kibble if I could turn into Angewomon!” -Gatomon
“You go, girl!” -Patamon

02: Fusion Confusion

“Yeah, but does he have to make it look so easy? It makes the rest of is look like weaklings.” -Patamon
“He’s tearing up Okuwamon like he was a scratching post.” -Gatomon

“These tunnels give me the creeps.” -Gatomon
“You know, this reminds me of something.” -Patamon

“We’re not sad anymore, though, because we know we’ll be able to digivolve to ultimate someday.” -Patamon
“Until then, we’ll even use balls of yarn to fight, if we have to.” -Gatomon

02: A Very Digi-Christmas

“Ready partner?” -Nefertimon
“Let’s tie one up!” -Pegasusmon
“Golden Noose!” -Both

02: Dramon Power

“I feel kind of fuzzy.” -Gatomon
“You are fuzzy. Hey, I feel it too!” -Patamon

Digimon: The Movie

“That’s it!” -Angemon
“We have to stop him. Before you know it, we’ll be changing diapers!” -Angewomon

Digimon: The Manga Volume 5

“Thanks for the help, Andromon.” -Angemon
“Are you okay?” -Angewomon

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